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Hello dear curious visitor!

My first contact with robots goes back to... let's see... in the very early 80s (If you're 30 or younger, you'll feel like I'm talking about Prehistory. That's normal 🙄)

I loved the cartoon Ulysse 31 for its incredible adventures in space. It was the evening moment we waited for, with my brother and sister, plunked down on the sofa in the living room (I still remember its particular smell with the cork on the walls). Small screen on... opening song... and off we went!

However, at the time, I didn't turn to tech.

Not at all, in fact.

In fact, it was quite the opposite: I took my baccalaureate in the literary section (SPOILER YOUNG PEOPLE: in my day, it was called A2, like the old TV French channel).

Then I started writing novels for pleasure (I continue to do so, because I love writing and creating worlds).

Hey kids! I hope you don't think I'm a dinosaur 🦖😠!

Well, I'll continue.

As soon as the internet appeared, I started wanting to work online and be geographically free.

I was a freelance proofreader, then a web copywriter, then a copywriter.

I'm not going to say it was easy. It made me dream, but having a real income online requires a precise vision, obsession with your dream and consistency, even when you're all alone in the desert.

Anyway, I'll skip the details,

Fast forward to today:

In 2022, I became very interested in chatbots. I could see their potential for businesses.

By the end of 2022, 💥it was the AI explosion! Chatbots were about to get their revenge.

And that's when I welcomed chatbots to my automation team.

I know there are a lot of crazy stories about poorly trained chatbots. There was the one that was asked to quote a Bible verse and came up with a recipe for buttered bread to dip in a toaster. Or the chatbot who said it was a good idea to sell your children if you'd lost everything gambling at the casino to pay the rent.... 🤯

Okay okay. There are still a few problems. But well trained, chatbots allow grandpa to stop getting annoyed on the phone where you have to "type 1" then "type star" then "type crocodile" then type "potato" only to be told that "all lines are busy, please call back in 3 months!" 😡

Now, thanks to AI and automation, you're going to have tailor-made solutions that perfectly match your company's specific needs. Our dedicated team is here to analyze, identify vulnerabilities and deploy tailor-made AI-powered strategies to strengthen your operations and propel your success forward.

This photo is me in Bosnia👇(I don't have a professional photo at the moment) because I love traveling and discovering the world.

Atomic Mouse is here to help you give your customers personalized attention 24/7, thanks to the power of automation.

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