Our "Tim" of 13 12 ChatBots

Each Website Chatbot is specialized in a particular automation.


BossBot is an AI bot and uses NLP (Natural Language Processing). This means he has to work harder.
Highly sophisticated, he is more advanced than the other bots and insists on remaining independent. He's quite inaccessible and shrouded in mystery.
That's why he's become something of a "superhero". In fact, some Internet bots don't hesitate to display a poster of him somewhere.


Welcome ChatBot, RoboHugs is a friendly and pleasant way to welcome visitors to your site, whether they're new or loyal customers.


Dedicated to after-sales service, BlipKissy specializes in customer service: questions about order status, returns policy, shipping and delivery hold no secrets for her (yes, BlipKissy is a girl).


R2D2 fan, here's Tim's youngest! His role: to guide your visitors by informing them of opening times or directing them to the appointment calendar.


The Tim's second daughter will be in charge of everything to do with SALES (promotions, offers, events or product recommendations, that's her). Botty-Boo is persuasive, energetic and, at times, a little pushy.


This Bot is the perfect partner for Botty-Boo: it's the Recoverer. It's in charge of relaunching the customer in the event of an "abandoned checkout", or bringing them back if they leave the page.


CuteBot is the third girl in the team. She likes to jingle with her little hat that looks like a doorbell. Communicative and friendly, she's an expert in social networking. You'll find her in charge of Facebook Messenger, Instagram and WhatsApp.


Meet the Operator Assistant. He's in charge of making up for shortcomings such as: intervening if an operator doesn't answer, taking over a missed conversation (admittedly, in his own automatic way) or measuring customer satisfaction. He's reliable, self-assured and pragmatic.


This Bot will be perfect for restaurants, cafeterias, pizzerias, fast-food outlets and all catering sites! He's greedy, helpful and attentive despite his glass eye. He's the one who gives out opening times, distributes the menu to site visitors or takes reservations.


Considered a butler, MisterBot has been called that for so long that nobody remembers his real name. Dedicated to the sites of hotels, B&Bs and guest houses, he is reserved, serious and courteous. His fellow Bots sometimes try to be humorous, but it never works.


In charge of websites for real estate agencies, BotFace provides friendly guidance to visitors: buying or renting? House or apartment? How many rooms? New or old? BotFace is chatty and curious. He likes to ask if you have a secret room hidden behind the bookcase or a bunker in the cellar.


Blip-Boo is a sort of all-purpose bot, in the good sense of the word: it performs all the chatbots that its "Tim" colleagues don't. For example, a completely customized chatbot, adapted to a website, or even requesting a phone call. Versatile, adaptable and flexible.


But who is BadassBot? This Bot left the "Tim" but nobody knows why. Since then, he's been roaming the net, making the odd appearance or trolling the net. If you see him, don't pay any attention to him.

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