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The future of work is Here: Thrive with AI

The game has changed. Artificial intelligence is rapidly transforming industries, and it's not slowing down. Imagine a world where powerful AI tools, powered by massive data, open up a world of possibilities. Our industry-leading solutions enable you to embrace the transformative power of AI and stay ahead in today's competitive landscape. Don't get left behind - invest in the future today and unleash infinite potential for innovation and growth.

What's the last straw for a chatbot?
- Having to click on "I'm not a robot".

Effortless Automation in 3 Steps


Reveal Hidden Potential

We work with you to find automation opportunities for your business.


Ai on Autopilot

We train your AI & build seamless workflows - Let the magic happen!


Effortless Efficiency

We deploy, manage & optimize – you just thrive.

Future is now

As Atomic Mouse dedicated to AI Automation, we excel in driving cost savings, streamlining operations, and enhancing customer engagement for businesses worldwide. Innovative AI automation solutions can:

- Generate leads

- Answer FAQs

- Grant discounts

- Recommend products

- Track orders

- Collect contact information

- Assist support agents

- Send images and videos

- Recover abandoned checkouts

- Send notifications

- Engage users

- Get user feedback

- Inform about best offers

- Obtain orders and track sales

- Send user data to different platforms

- Qualify prospects

Uncover the Future

1. Speed: Chatbots respond in a fraction of a second. Even Superman can't go that fast.

2. Efficiency: Chatbots don't need to eat or sleep, so they can be "on the front line" 24/7. Your teams can concentrate on what gives your company the most value.

3. Interaction: Chatbots increase visitor engagement (up to 67%). A higher rate than email or contact forms. Chatbots can provide live help and guidance.

4. Superior UX: While some people prefer to talk to a human (or have questions that are too specific), 40% of visitors prefer to interact with a chatbot because the answer to their question is immediate (Source: Business Insider), 35% would like more companies to offer chatbots (Source: Opus Research)

5. Versatility: Chatbots can interact on several messaging platforms at the same time. A visitor is asking a question on your site, while another is intervening on your messaging platform at the same time? Don't worry, Chatbots can handle it!

6. Diversity: Are you a real estate agency? Do you run an e-commerce business selling women's lingerie? Are you a restaurant? There's a Chatbot for every specialty. It can be specially trained to adapt to your website.

7. Cost: A Chatbot can fulfill the mission of several operators, answering recurring questions, while marketing 24/7. A single operator (yourself, for example) may be enough to take over the human relay when needed.

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Turbocharge your performance

Forget about limitations. Today, over 60% of online business tasks can be automated!
Harness the power of AI for your business.

We'll explore the possibilities of automating and integrating AI into your processes, building customized solutions that meet your unique needs.

Our AI is not a fixed solution. It learns from your business and continually improves to become an integral part of your success. Our cutting-edge AI services will redefine your operations, automate tasks and propel you ahead of the competition. The future is automated, and it's yours.

1.Artificial Intelligence Consulting

Our AI consulting services help businesses of all sizes adopt and scale AI solutions. We work with you to understand your business goals and challenges, and then develop a customized AI strategy that meets your specific needs.

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aiconsulting, atomicmouse, chatbotai, aiservices, automation
aiconsulting, atomicmouse, chatbotai, aiservices, automation
2.AI ChatBots

Now you can chat directly with your users and customers, 24/7.

Chatbots are a powerful tool that can help businesses automate tasks, improve customer service to increase sales. Our chatbot development services can help you create a chatbot that is tailored to your specific needs.

Our services include:
- Chatbot strategy development
- Chatbot design and implementation
- Chatbot training and support
- Chatbot integration with other systems
- Chatbot analytics and reporting

We also offer a variety of pre-built chatbots that are customized to your needs.

Integration on your :
- website
- WhatsApp
- Instagram
- Facebook
And many more (please consult us).

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aichatbot,chatbotai, chatbotservice
aichatbot,chatbotai, chatbotservice
3.AI Personal Assistant

AI personal assistants are a new way to get things done. They help you with a variety of tasks, from scheduling appointments to finding information.

Our AI personal assistant services will help you to:
- Automate tasks: Save time and energy by automating tasks like scheduling appointments, sending emails, and managing your calendar.
- Get information: Get answers to your questions, find information, and get recommendations.
- Stay organized: Keep track of your to-do list, appointments, and important dates.
- Get help with tasks: Get help with tasks like booking travel, finding a restaurant, or making a purchase.
- Our AI personal assistants are powered by the latest AI technology. They are constantly learning and improving, so they can provide you with the best possible experience.

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aipersonalassistant, virtualagent, aivirtualagent, gpts
aipersonalassistant, virtualagent, aivirtualagent, gpts
4.Voice Bot for Ecommerce : Recovers Abandoned Checkouts

Reduce checkout abandonments and boost sales with our AI-powered voice bot service.

Our voice bot can automatically:
- Reach out to customers who have abandoned their checkout.
- Understand the reason for abandonment.
- Offer personalized discounts and promotions.
- Help customers complete their purchase.

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5.AI Voice Appointment Setter

Automate your appointment scheduling and boost customer satisfaction with our AI voice appointment service.

Our AI voice service can automatically:
- Manage customer requests for appointments.
- Check availability and schedule appointments.
- Send reminders and confirmations.
- Reschedule or cancel appointments as needed.

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6.AI Customer Support Phone

Revolutionize your customer support with our AI-powered phone service.
Our AI can automatically:

  • Understand customer requests and route them to the right department.

  • Answer frequently asked questions and provide basic troubleshooting support.

  • Escalate complex issues to human agents.

  • Collect customer feedback and sentiment data.

Our AI customer support phone service is proven to:

  • Reduce call wait times by up to 50%.

  • Improve customer satisfaction by up to 20%.

  • Increase the number of calls handled by up to 10%.

We offer a variety of features to customize your AI customer support phone service, including:

  • Multilingual support

  • 24/7 availibility

  • Real-time analytics

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